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What Will Be Your Competitive Advantage When it Comes to Sales?

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what's your competitive advantage

This is a critical question for your success with this business. You need to develop some unique style, which can separate you from your competition.
It is not enough to order some cheap content, publish it on your website with a hope that this will make a sale. It never happens that way.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. If you are building review website – then show people how you use the product in your life and what kind of difference it makes.
  2.  If you are building a list – then make sure your offer is with incredibly valuable and something that you cannot find on any list building page on the net
  3.  If you are selling your own product, or you are affiliate for some Clickbank type of products, then make sure you show that you are a real person – show your customers how you take care of them when there is some issue, show that you know the product, you use the product, and that you have strong believe in it.

That’s it…

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