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What Is The Goal of Your Business

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what is the goal of your business

There are just a few questions that any entrepreneur (and you are entrepreneur) will answer before they will start to work on their business. And the website building is no different than any other business out there.So in this 8 part series I will be discussing those critical questions.This posts are going to be short and precise. Think of them similar to Seth Godin Style.Here’s the first part:

What is the goal of my business?

In a website context, the goal could be generating new customers (for example, if you are a consultant for offline business, then this will be the primary goal), it could be to provide reviews about a product and make affiliate commissions, it could be to sell your own product or sell advertisement or anything else.
But, you strictly need to define the goal of your business (your website), so that you can pick the strategies and techniques that are designed to get maximum results, specifically for your goal.

I will see you in part 2, where we talk about: What kind of products or services you are going to offer to your customers?

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