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How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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how to use twitter to drive traffic to your blog

Want more people to share your blog posts on Twitter?

Looking for proven promotion tactics that deliver blog traffic?

Twitter has been by far my favorite social media platform to drive traffic to my blog. It’s super easy, super short and yet has amazing responses but you’ll have to go beyond tweeting the basics to generate substantial traffic and visibility.

In this article, you’ll discover seven ways to effectively promote your blog posts on Twitter without any ad spend.

1: Tweet the Link More Than Once

Tweeting a link to your blog more than once is 100% okay, especially if the content is evergreen (i.e., relevant for the foreseeable future).

What’s the sweet spot here? Well, you don’t want to flood your Twitter timeline with the same content repeatedly. But on the day of publishing, craft 3-5 separate tweets that you’ll publish at different times. This tactic works well because only a small portion of your followers will see each tweet.

Tweet a new blog post multiple times when you publish it.

What about after that initial day? How much is too much? Well, that depends on the size of your archive. If you have 300+ mostly evergreen blog posts, you can tweet two or more posts from your archive every day. New followers can then discover you through your old content.

If you have only a handful of blog posts, maybe that frequency seems like too much, but the point is to make the most of your content by continuing to tweet your archive indefinitely for as long as that content is relevant.

The tool Justretweet can help you automate the tweets about your blog posts.

To start,JustRetweet is a social sharing platform dedicated to helping you get more Retweets, +1 shares and Facebook “Likes” – but don’t confuse it with social media managers like HootSuite or TweetMeme.

It’s a fast way to boost your “social proof”.

JustRetweet has its own requirements and rules, and it will simplify life if you learn these right now…

It works on a “credit” system. You start out with 100 and earn more by Retweeting other JustRetweet member messages. (This means everyone is highly motivated to Retweet your messages!)

Next,you are allowed to submit a maximum of three Tweets in twenty-four hours. You can use multiple Twitter accounts – but you cannot post Tweets to the same URL from your other account.

After JustRetweet creates tweets about your blog post, you can edit all of the tweets to your liking.

After you approve all of the content and activate the campaign, Justretweet will take care of promoting your blog post.

This hands-free method will maximize your blog promotion and ensure new followers will see your evergreen posts, providing value to your community. Even as I write this article, someone has engaged with a blog post that Justretweet posted for us. Getting that engagement and those conversation starters with no effort or time invested is invaluable.

2: Create “Click to Tweets” Within Your Article

Social sharing links at the end of a post are an obvious way to encourage blog readers to promote a post for you. However, a click to tweet takes this encouragement a step further by helping readers share a tweetable quote from the article.

With this method, readers can share a quote and link back to your article simply by clicking the click to tweet option.

3: Repurpose Your Blog Content as an Image or Video

Twitter has historically been used for sending traffic to your blog, but an emerging trend is people reading your content on Twitter itself. So how do you use this trend and still promote your blog? By repurposing your blog post into content for Twitter and linking back to the original source.

The three main formats for repurposing content in this way are images, short video, and live video.


To be fair, people have been adding images to tweets for years because images attract more attention in the news feed. But don’t stop at just one image. Try picking 2-3 main quotes from your blog post and turning them into graphic quotes. Quotes are up there with cats and selfies as prime social media fodder and can be much more effective than just including the title of your blog on an image.

4: Mention People You Include in the Blog Post

This tactic is really simple but works well. In social media promotion, collaboration is powerful, and you don’t have to reach out to huge influencers and convince them to work with you to reap the benefits.

Simply reference somebody’s work/teaching/opinions in your blog post. After the blog is published and you’re promoting it on Twitter, reach out to that person with a simple @mention. Chances are (if the blog post is good), they’ll share it with their audience or at least retweet you.

So who are the influencers in your industry, especially those active on Twitter? Whom can you include in your next blog post?

5: Retweet or Thank Anyone Who Mentions Your Blog

Don’t forget to look out for people actively sharing your blog posts on Twitter and either reply or retweet their posts. Not only will they be more likely to share again in the future, but retweeting what other people have said about your article conveys a level of social proof and drives traffic, too. Plus it’s a nice thing to do!

Watch for tweets where people don’t @mention you because you may not know when they’re sharing. To find these tweets, try typing the title of your blog, your post, or the URL into the Twitter search function. This workaround isn’t 100% effective, but you should find some people who are spreading the good word without letting you know!

6: Create Clickbait Tweets That Drive Traffic

Okay, so clickbait is a bit of a tarnished buzzword, but stay with me…. You have 140 characters and an image to get people to check out your blog post. You have to get creative with those 140 characters or people are going to keep scrolling.

You don’t want to promise the world in your tweet and fail to deliver in your blog post, but think about how your tweet creates the desire to click and read more.

To spark that desire, try making people pay attention. All human beings want to laugh. For example, Brian Carter often accompanies his blog posts with funny images that make you want to pay attention.

Humor is a great way to encourage people to click and read your content.

Your tweet might instead create intrigue so people need to know more.

For example, Kim Garst nails intrigue in this tweet. Who doesn’t want to know about the one thing we should be doing on Facebook every day? Laying out the benefits of clicking in an intriguing way is a fantastic way to promote your blog.

Create intrigue with topics that readers want to learn about.

You can also make your blog sound value-packed. Millions of blog posts appear on the web every day. Why should somebody pick yours to read? Are you bringing something new to the table? Have you conducted research? Do you have a different viewpoint?

7: Pin Your Latest Blog Post to the Top of Your Twitter Timeline

This article started with a simple tip, and it’s going to end with a simple one too.

If the main purpose of your Twitter marketing is to drive traffic to your blog, it’s a good idea to always pin your latest blog post to the top of your timeline. Your pinned tweet is basically guaranteed to get more impressions.

Pinning a tweet is really easy. Click the drop-down arrow next to your tweet and select Pin to Your Profile Page.

Pin your most recent blog post to the top of your Twitter timeline.

Pinning your blog post by itself isn’t likely to drive a ton of traffic without following points 1-6 from this article, but it certainly helps. Our pinned tweets always get the most interaction. Keep in mind how you’re creating the desire to read a blog post in your pinned tweet, too. Are you using humor, intrigue, or value to encourage clicks?


Twitter is quite a simple platform and you can master the technicalities of how it works. But if you really want to use Twitter as a strategic marketing tool, you have to get creative.

I urge you to stop tweeting once or tweeting just your article title followed by the link followed by a hashtag. Instead, start using these tactics to drive more eyeballs to your content.

What do you think? Do you have any promotion tactics to add to the list? What’s working best for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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