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The Wolf of Wall Street Review

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the wolf of wall street reviewThe Wolf of Wall Street certainly isn’t categorized as a show for children to watch with their parents. Yet it is a highly entertaining show featuring the quality acting of Leonardo DiCaprio. The show depicts the rise and fall of Wall Street and how you have to be cut throat, willing to take risks, and you have to promise those with the money that you can make them money in order for them to invest.

The show is based on the story of Jordan Belfort, a stock broker of New York. It covers the issues of corporate politics, greed, and how corruption can be in the path of someone when they are on a quest for power and money. Many movies about politics and money are boring and they drag out the story.

What is really different about The Wolf of Wall Street is the vast amount of humor found in it. The writing is excellent in terms of sharing the story without letting it get dry or predictable at any point in the show. There are some parts of the show that that seem to annoy the audience. For example, the role played by Matthew McConaughey is almost disturbing if not disruptive to the story. The show also features Jonah Hill and he does very well in his role as side kick to Belfort.

The self narrative nature of the film by Belfort also gives an inside look to his conscious and his ego. This is a spin that the movie wouldn’t be able to offer if it was portrayed in any other type of method. It was a clever idea that works very well. What is interesting is that there was a bidding war for the story of Belfort. If Paramount had won instead of Warner Bros, the lead role would have gone to Brad Pitt.

The Wolf of Wall Street did well at the box office when it was released on late 2013. It was released on DVD in 2014 with high sales. The movie has had some controversies though as many involved in the world of stocks feel the movie will cause investors and potential investors not to trust them.
While this film has been nominated for a very large number of awards, it never won any of them. It does hold the record though for the number of times the F* Bomb is used in it. – more than any other film ever released!

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