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The Most Valuable Traits Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

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successful entrepreneursIt’s the question that everyone wants to know, what the secret sauce to extraordinary success is.  Is it great determination, luck or who you know?  I have been in business for almost over 5 years and I can tell you all successful business entrepreneurs share few qualities.  What are they and can they be learnt. I got on a mission to find out what drives successful entrepreneurs and uncover the human side that determine their success or failure.  I landed on a TV programme on BBC knowledge called “Peter Jones: How They made Their Millions.  In this programme Peter Jones, a millionaire himself also part of Dragon’s Den, also a TV programme, travel around Britain to interview Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs.

So what are individual recipes for success is it maybe about believing in heartache or self doubt?

Success in business isn’t a fine science.  Not all adventures succeeded, business is tough but there are certain factors that can give us a fair chance for survival.

Do we all follow the same blueprint to success, is there any difference that matters most.

Most entrepreneurs start early, as far as 16 years old and get determined to see it through and that’s why TODAY we have young millionaires at age 21,23,24,25 etc before 30.

Having the confidence to change what they don’t like is an entrepreneurial trait that I recognize, take for example Oprah.

They come off as demanding leaders and stubborn but fun to work with once at least if you understand what drives them, what their values are. Take for example Steve Jobs, it has been said he didn’t hesitate to call his employees at 2 O’clock in the morning whenever he had something he wanted to be implemented.

They are personally committed and take what they do seriously and some people will see them as uncompromising bosses.

They are consistently thinking about how they can improve; mix with other successful and famous entrepreneurs.

Here is one interesting trait and we see it all the time, some if they don’t have money for advertising to compete with big companies they seek out free publicity by doing controversial staff- we see it daily with movie stars and famous people. Don’t be fooled that is being done strategically-simply to get FREE publicity.

Ever heard of this; CONTROVERSY SELLS” 

Self belief is a key trait in all successful entrepreneurs.  They are being driven by a deep sense of a personal mission and purpose, money is fairly incidental.

They like change and to evolve.

Let’s take a look at GOOGLE, they exist to organise the world information to be universally available that is their simple core mission and we see it when we go search for any term anytime, anywhere.

Entrepreneur’s business is very much a reflection of who they are as people

Most entrepreneurs can exactly pinpoint when and where their journey began and don’t see themselves as lucky although they might have had crucial breakthroughs.

Most like any other people want to create better future for themselves and their families because of the circumstances that surrounded them when they grew up.

Some are driven by desire to do better to those around them while some mostly want to give back to those who supported them.

  • They are extremely optimistic
  • They feel pressure 24/7 and have mastered to absorb it
  • They like control
  • They are quite manipulative

Every entrepreneur had their own share of hard work, luck, skill and belief and there’s one thing for sure we don’t take no for an answer.

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