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What Steve Jobs Did to Turn Apple Around

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The Extraordinary Story of The Ultimate Consumer Brand Apple-With Steve Jobs at It’s Helm

The Remarkable Story of How Steve Jobs took Apple From a Civilian Garage to a Billion Dollar Global Supremacy

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This article was inspired by the programme I watched on BBC knowledge called ; Steve Jobs:Billion Dollar Hippy

A Whack Crazy Marriage Between Steve Jobs And The Ultimate Consumer Brand Apple

  • He changed music, changed movies and computers
  • He created industries we didn’t think we needed.
  • His background made him a better billionaire.
  • He had no time for people he did not have respect for
  • He was intense and thoughtful
  • He invested $50 million in Pixar and took it public

How did a college dropout create one of the most successful corporations in the world?

This is the inside story of how Steve Jobs took Apple from a civilian garage to a billion dollar global supremacy.

At first Apple has never been an entirely conventional company.

In the early 1960s and 70s young Jobs found himself in the centre of two colliding work between computers and hippy movement.

Jobs spent a lot of time driving around in his old car. Born in 1955, Jobs was adopted and grew up in the Silicon Valley as high tech firms sprung up.

At college he met Daniel Kottke and Jobs quickly dropped out of his course and lost no time tuning in.  They both got a copy of a certain book that inspired the two men to  travel to India backpacking around in search of spiritual enlightenment.

This book was fascinating and that was the basis of their friendship.  Jobs became a hippy compelling him for personal liberation.  He spent long periods at a farm.  They both spent weeks harvesting apples, and while they were at it, they decided to fast on apples.  Jobs then believed society is there to be reshaped.

According to Stewart brand, founder, Whole Earth Catalog, Steve had the ambition to change the world and expected to do that by empowering everybody but he didn’t share all his views with his buddies.

He grew up experimenting with electronics at home.

While still at school he worked at one of the big computer companies near his home and met his friend who would shape up his destiny, Steve Wozniak

They talked about electronics.

The seeds of Apple were sown when Wozniak introduced Jobs to a home brew computer club where he showed his newly built computer he made which would become the Apple 1.  He saw a big business opportunity that this entire people want to build Wozniak computer design but didn’t have the building skills.

In 1976 Wozniak and jobs began selling the Apple 1 through jobs family garage where buyers had to add their own case.  The birth of Apple was to be masterminded by Jobs-a hippy with a business brain.

Steve jobs later admittedly said he started the business off by chance, speaking in 1991 said they started Apple simply because they wanted this computer for themselves and their immediate friends, once they saw him build prototypes.  So gradually they were pulling the business, they didn’t start off to build a big company, but few dozens of computers for themselves and their friends.

To Apple co-founder the reality were little less idealistic.  Jobs always said he wanted to be one of the most important people in the world and got the business side pretty clearly.

Released in 1977, Apple 2 was the first home computer with colour graphics and in the next 3 years sales grew to more than $150 million taking Apple to the panicle of the new industry.

In 1980, Apple went public, success on the scale changed Apple and like any company that becomes public, Apple became different.

By the end of 1980 Steve was worth a quarter of a billion at the age of 25.

In 1987, IBM launched its response to Apple 2, the IBM VC; it opened a battle that would range for 15 years.

Then Apple went from the leading computer company to the second.  Apple needed a seasoned CEO to pilot the company though increasing tough times.  Steve Jobs search took him to New York, to John Sculley, the president of Pepsi.  How Jobs convinced John to take the job is the staffer business legend.

Steve had this deep penetrating brown eyes that stared right up to him and asked me if he still want to show the world if he’s still alive or wanna come with him and change the world.

It knocked John out of the window because no one said that to him before.

Sculley was a pragmatic operator, a marketing expert who knew exactly what Apple should do.  They needed someone who could keep Apple 2 commercially alive and generating cash for about another 3 years.

After several new product lines that failed to take off, the income form Apple 2 was keeping the company alive.

With the induction of the Macintosh Steve wanted the impossible and somehow he had the skill to convince everyone that the impossible was possible.  He was determined that the Mac would be easy to use, it would have a mouse and icons on the screen, a first for the affordable personal computer.  The stories of how he brought the mouse to the world explode the myth about him that he invented revolutionary technology.  However Jobs didn’t operate in an intellectual vacuum, nearby in Silicon valley operated Xerox and had they had researched vision called ‘Park”, it was full of free technological and inspirational ideas.  Jobs was desperate to take a look inside, but got his chance when Xerox made an investment in Apple and they invited him in.

At this moment Jobs tweaked existing technologies to greater effect and the Mouse was born.

The difference between invention and innovation is that you execute, you take an idea and turn it into reality.

‘Steve connected the dots”

When former Pepsi boss visited Jobs at his house he was almost struck because there was almost no furniture in his house, in his bedroom was a small bed, in the living room no place to sit except the floor.

Steve was not into possessions, he was not into money, he was completely into things he believed in and that integrity went through every aspect of his life, his devotion to the product, to the work, to the ethics.  The Macintosh was finally unveiled in January 1994 in spectacular style by Jobs himself. That was the birth of the Apple Brand.

Steve Jobs died on october 5, 2011 after battling with cancer for long but he lives behind a legacy we will continue to cherish for generations

So what does this mean to you as a n entrepreneur? Let this story inspire you to connect the dot just like Steve and come back stronger to pursue your ambitions because the reality as entrepreneurs is that we might not strike it off the first time but if we keep at it no matter what, we will create better future for ourselves and our families.

Your time is limited don’t waste it living someone’s life.

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