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Why Understanding Illusion of Time Is the Key to Turning Goals Into Results

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Illusion of Time

You think you have time.

You don’t.

Truth told, time has you.

Now we could get into a philosophical discussion around time, how it doesn’t really exist beyond a construct in our mind, flow states, and much more.

That’s not the purpose today.

The purpose is to remind you that what we all perceive as time is finite.

We’re all 1099 contractors to life; and our contract is going to be up, long before we’re ready for it to be.

Count on it.

Still with me?

Now I know you don’t like hearing this or talking about this. We’d rather avoid it and think that the shocking things that happen to others will never happen to us.

Somehow if we know enough, eat right, meditate, exercise, pray enough, or even just live really protected and “risk free” lives (no such thing), then it may happen to others but surely not to me.


None of us is immune.

When you acknowledge it, embrace it, come to terms with it, you can begin to use it.

Look, there’s not one single power in this entire universe that can guarantee you’ll wake up tomorrow.

Now you think you probably will, and you’re probably right. But you really can’t be sure.

Nor can I.

So we put off our dreams, our big ideas, and our lives, with stories:

1. When I pay off the house…
2. When I get out of debt…
3. When the kids leave for college…
4. When I get this amount of money in the bank…
5. When I get one more degree, skill, training…
6. Whatever, whatever, good story and excuse…

THEN, I’ll go for it.

But nearly 156,000 people exit life every single day of the week. 6,316 every single hour, 105 every single minute of every day, almost 2 people every single second.

Read that again and let it sink deeply in.

Think about it. In the time you’re investing to read this, a couple hundred people have exited.

I submit that many (if not most), were not ready to go yet; and many were taken by surprise.

You have the gift of what the Buddhists call the “Precious human life.” TODAY. You can’t be sure about tomorrow. Me either.

Make the best of it. Invest every single second, and all of your energies in developing yourself and your own personal greatness.

For you can’t give to the world what you don’t have.

While the masses think TGIF, the masters think: thank God I have this day to live my purpose one more day. To give everything I have to a cause bigger than myself.

There are no weekends (that’s another mental construct).

The forces of darkness are NOT taking a day off… how can I afford to?”

Can you? It might just be your last.

Tick tock.

You see,SUCCESS… is likened to a steam-powered locomotive.

That massive hunk of IRON sits there imposingly bold and ready for a successful journey.

Coal is the fuel that gets this big hunk of metal traveling at varying speeds.

Now the coal can just sit there, with the big Iron steam engine and that’s fine, but
the engine goes nowhere.

On the other hand, when the coal is shoveled in to the engines’, flaming red-hot furnace fire, the goal begins.

The engine warmly receives much needed energy and the locomotive begins its journey.

The real change comes to play, when the fire burns coal, which creates steam and right on down the mechanical
line, levers and gears immediately get moving and momentum begins.

More coal, more steam more momentum.

Successfully reaching its destination sooner or, later.

The equation to this is; ME/You (Iron Engine) to effectively get to your destination (goal)+Coal (proven information) times the amount(proven information) shoveled in the (brain) engine (read, devoured intellectually) + Fire (overwhelming passion, spirit, unwavering goal) produces the Steam (energy)= mass, reaching a destination(goal).

Now ADD the pushing, pulling or pressing the lever or button (action and application… ie get off butt and do something) =Goal.

Success, money and recognition can be yours in less time than those that completed the brain-busting, back-breaking labor to build the engine.

1. Physical person, Engine

2. Coal /fuel (Proven information from professionals that have taken years to accomplish the goal)

3. FIRE (enthusiasm, passion, burning desire)

4. Steam (Power to get out of the comfort zone)

5. Again Me/You (Engine) to set this all into motion by shoveling the coal in and physically getting involved, by pulling the lever (Action) and the engine begins to move on its journey.

It beat walking… what do you think?


A letter of our alphabet that is virtually ‘unthought’ about and in my opinion the most significant.

The letter U, should be pasted on our mirrors while performing your morning rituals, frequently perceived floating in our cups of coffee or tea, seen at busy intersections when traveling about, making decisions, interacting with others and getting things done.

Yes… It’s all up to U

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