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10 Rules I Follow To Create Successful Epic Content [Infographic]

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Creating epic content is a smart business move because it will:

  1. Build your brand.
  2. Make selling way easier.
  3. Build an audience that trusts you.
  4. Overcome prospect objections.
  5. Attract strategic partners.
  6. Deepen loyalty with existing customers.
  7. Build your reputation with search engines.
  8. Crush your competition.

The problem is that most people who advise you to create epic content write average content. They might have a vague idea what “epic” means, but that’s just that, creating compelling content is one of the most challenging jobs content marketers face.

A while ago Sonia Thompson wrote this amazing piece of content cycle over at The guide is professionally designed and formatted (one of the features of an epic content), and it’s not the standard content you see on blogs.She offered  10 steps to ensure that your next content has what it takes to go viral.So I leveraged her steps into my blogging routine and then shared this exact epic content strategy below.

The Epic Content Cycle Infographic

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