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How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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how to use pinterest to drive traffic to your website

As a blogger, I’m obviously a huge fan of using social platforms to drive traffic. Twitter is a platform of choice, as is Facebook advertising.

However, one platform I have NOT been using to its full potential is Pinterest.

Sure, I use Pinterest to search for and pin recipes, inspiration and qoutes I love, but I am NOT consistently using it for my business.

That’s about to change in a big way.While researching about how to get Pinterest traffic I came across an article about Anna Runyan, founder of Classy Career Girl, since then I am fully convinced that Pinterest is a powerful traffic-driving tool I can no longer avoid.

You see, Anna had been blogging consistently for years, but was still seeing very low traffic and only 10-20 opt ins to her email list each day.

She knew she wanted a larger email list to grow her business, so she decided to focus on Pinterest as the vehicle to get her there. She literally spent hours each day figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

That was in 2016 and the same tactics are still relevant for 2017 and beyond…

Within one year she went from those 10-20 opt ins per day to 400+ PER DAY. Her traffic also went from 100,000 to 500,000 page views per month.

Take a look at the stats for yourself!

pinterest traffic

However, there’s nothing that Anna did that you can’t do yourself! Check out these 10 hacks to increase web traffic and grow your business on Pinterest.

1. Join Group boards.

You can use Pin Groupie ( to request to join group boards.

Read the description and make sure you understand all the rules. Find groups in your niche and make sure the groups have a lot of re-pins on their content before you request to join. Make it a part of your DAILY routine to pin at least one or two pins to each group board that you are part of.

2. Re-pin your own content.

Most people just pin their own content to Pinterest once. However, this is a mistake. The viralness of your pins comes from consistent repinning to your boards.

For every blog post Anna writes, she creates a pin image. Next, she pins that image ONCE to as many boards as possible, as long as the content is appropriate for the board. This means that right away the pin gets approximately eight pins. Then she waits.

If, after a few days pass, the post hasn’t received many repins or likes, she moves on. But if, after some time has passed, the pin has 30+ repins, she will repin it again to all of the boards and give it another big push.

Usually her top content can get about 100+ repins just doing this. This also causes pins to go viral and drives a lot of traffic back to the website.

Keep in mind that this does NOT happen for all of Anna’s pins, nor is it an overnight process. Her team analyzes the progress of each pin carefully to see how successful they were.

3. Make Facebook retargeting part of your Pinterest strategy.

Anna and her team retarget everyone who visits their website with a Facebook ad.

“Pinterest is the #1 way we get traffic to our website but what a bummer it would be to lose those people before they get to know me better and I get to build a relationship with them on my email list.”

So, for that reason, if someone lands on a blog article they will eventually be shown a Facebook ad encouraging them to come back to the website or sign up for a lead magnet that is in line with what they were reading.

Something else to keep in mind: your goals is not to sell on Pinterest! You have to focus instead on gaining traffic to your website so you can begin the relationship and build trust for you and your business.

Then, you can offer them a lead magnet in exchange for an email address.

It’s important to remember that the sale doesn’t happen the first time they meet you. It could take days, weeks or even months to make the sale. Know this and don’t worry. Be patient.

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4. Delete Pins with No Repins.

I know. You’re probably thinking, “She’s crazy! Why would I want to get RID of content??!”

But think about it this way, Pinterest is just like Facebook.

The more people who like and comment on your posts on Facebook, the more Facebook will increase your engagement and allow more people to see it. If people like it, they will show it to even more people. The same applies to Pinterest.

The more re-pins you get, the more Pinterest will share your content.

This means you have to focus on only pinning great content and deleting content that isn’t getting re-pinned. You want Pinterest to realize that you only post great content. Go through your pins right now and delete pins that have 0-1 pins.

5. Bigger is better.

As you’re creating pin images for your content, Anna recommends creating pins that are 735 x 1700 pixels. This may seem huge but these pins get the most repins.

6. Take your blog content and make list pins.

Every time Anna creates a blog post with a great list, they create a pin to go with it. Lists are extremely popular on Pinterest and those posts tend to go viral, sending a lot of traffic back to the website.

Here’s a great example of one Anna created:

pinterest list example

7. Create great headlines.

It’s truly about the title of the content and what the photo says. If you nail the title, you’ll get traffic from Pinterest.

Spend a lot of time creating great headlines. Come up with a minimum of five and then narrow them down.

Check out this pin from social media and visual marketing expert Peg Fitzpatrick for a Facebook marketing post:

how to use pinterest for blogging

Great headline and, not surprisingly, over 1.1K repins!

If copywriting isn’t your forte, ask for help. Also review the content others have posted on Pinterest to come up with your own ideas.

8. Check your Analytics Constantly.

What works? What doesn’t?

Repeat what works.

9. Create a private Pinterest inspiration board.

This can be a huge time-saver as you’re getting started!

The first step is to create a secret board on Pinterest. As you’re browsing Pinterest, start pinning examples of what you would like to create for yourself.

Remember, you have to get inspired and know what you’re trying to model before you can start creating great pins yourself!

10. Get traffic from old content. Make content optimization a priority.

Anna has been blogging since 2010, which means there are a lot of posts that aren’t on Pinterest. She recently hired a writer specifically for the task of going through old blog posts and improving the content. She then is having her VA create pins for the great content.

While this is currently a work in progress, by the time her team is done they will have hundreds of additional pins pointing to evergreen content on her website. That content then leads to the most recent lead magnets and the membership site.

Bonus tip: Outsource if you are busy.

If Pinterest isn’t your thing or you just feel like you don’t have the time to commit to it, you can outsource the work.

Some part of the process you can outsource:

  1. Creation of pin images

  2. Repinning for you

  3. Board set-up and descriptions

  4. Infographic creation

  5. Reaching out to collaborators for you

  6. Reviewing analytics for you

  7. Getting on other people’s group boards

Final Thoughts

While Anna gave me some great strategies for using Pinterest to drive traffic, one thing become abundantly clear: you need to be consistent.

Yes, you can take the set it and forget it approach to pinning. But to maximize on the potential of the platform you need to be monitoring your analytics, removing poorly performing pins regularly, creating new pins and repining the successful pins.

All of these activities require consistent action.

So, if you know that you don’t have the time necessary to do this on your own, I highly encourage you to take Anna’s advice with her bonus tip and outsource your Pinterest activities. Anna created a great post on how to outsource work you hate if you don’t know where to start. To get even more of Anna’s Pinterest strategies, check out her Pinterest bootcamp.

Good luck!

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