How Often Should Bloggers Post

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how often should bloggers post

When I started this blog I struggled with post ideas, not sure how much to post, not sure what lengths my blog post should be, worried about stats…And I realized I’ve done blog posts on a lot of those ideas, but not frequency of posting.

So I decided to make that today’s post!

Since I’ve been blogging for over a while now, I’ve read a lot of blogs (who publish posts at different frequencies) and posted a lot on my own blog. I’ve been through so many different posting schedules, and I want to start off this post by talking about that.

When I first started blogging, I posted every other day. Consistently, without failure (at first), I would have a post up when expected-even if I had to stay up late the night before getting that post ready.

As you can imagine, that didn’t last too long. I grew out of ideas and became unmotivated to blog. That led to a slump, and not posting much for months. Finally, I decided on a schedule. I would post two times a week if possible, and if not, I wouldn’t stress, because it would all be okay. It’s not the end of the world.

And that’s been working for me! I have blog posts planned out for the next two months, and that means I get a start on them early and am not stressed or hating blogging.

Which brings me to the actual point of this post: How Often Should I Post To My Blog ?

The easy answer? However often you want.

The true answer? However often you want.

There is no ‘bloggers should do x’ in regards to anything, including how often you post. Your blog is your own, and nothing you do should be only because somebody told you to or someone else is doing it.

Can you get a post out every day and still enjoy doing it? then do it.

Can you post once a week and be happy with blogging? That’s great!

Is the most you can do publish a post once a month? That’s still amazing, and it’ll make your readers even more excited for that single post.

Can you post whenever you can, no matter how often that is? That works too!

You do you, my lovely blogger friends, you do you.

But readers of blogs do have preferences.One blogger asked her Twitter followers how often they preferred bloggers to post if anyone was curious. The results didn’t affect how often she posted, and they shouldn’t do that to you, either: She created the poll merely out of curiosity.

She chose four different posting schedules and asked her followers which they preferred as readers of  blogs. The results are as follows:

Once a day


Every other day


Twice a week


1-4 posts a month


Honestly, I was surprised by the margin that ‘twice a week’ won, but it was interesting! It seems that once a day is the least popular posting frequency, which is not what I was expecting.

Sh made a list of pros and cons for different frequencies of posting, in case you wanted to look at them to decide how often you should post. Don’t let it affect you too much, though: You should post however often you want to.

Posting once a day


More posts for your readers

More pageviews on your blog


Readers can get tired of your posts

Posts become of less quality and rushed

You can get stressed by having to post this often

Posting every other day


More manageable than posting every day


Still is a lot of posts to write, and has the same cons as posting every day

Posting twice a week


Very manageable

Gives you time to write quality posts

Readers look forward to your posts because they know they are coming


Can still be too many posts

Posting 1-4 times a month


Also very manageable

Pretty easy number to hit


Less views than posting more frequently

Readers look forward to when you do post

Posting whenever you can


Less stressful

Gives you freedom


A lot of readers like consistent posting

Can make you lose blog followers

Can you tell which is my favorite? Yes, it is posting two times a week, and that is what I do. I would personally recommend it- it’s been working very well for me!- but as I’ve said before, post when you like. No one else’s opinion matters.

How often do you post on your blog? Do you have a schedule? How is that going for you? Have you ever tried a different posting frequency, and how did that work? Comment below…

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