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4 Email Marketing Tips For Best Return On Investment

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email marketing tipsSo you have been trying to make money from your list for a while now.

You see others claim to do it.And it seems like they make it look so easy.

But for some reason,making it work keeps eluding you.Everytime you get close to best return on investment,something happens and you end not even making a cent out of your efforts.

Because this time you’re going to be armed with the same tips that the email professionals know. So give these tips a try and see if they don’t work for you too…

You see,

The number one rule in effective email marketing is to ALWAYS capture every email address of every possible prospect with every possible strategy.

First you will need to sign up for a paid autoresponder service. This is not very expensive. It usually costs no more than $20 per month mostly for less than 500 subscribers. Either or are two good recommended autoresponder services. Here is the outline for get started building a large customer list to promote your products and make more money in the process.

Tip #1.

Use more email sign-up forms on every webpage you own to capture email addresses from your prospects.

Offer them a FREE report or eBook for signing up to your new newsletter.

You will use this newsletter to ‘broadcast’ news, special offers, discounts and clearance sales to your ‘active’ list of prospects at different times as needed. A good tip is to keep your prospect audience ‘on the hook’ and always receptive to your email messages. Build good relationships with your subscribers.

By capturing as many email addresses as you can and broadcasting a newsletter to your customers on a frequent basis (daily is O.K. for most businesses), you will increase your sales and profits.

Tip #2.

When sending out a broadcast, give your prospective customers a FREE offer that complements the product or service that you are promoting in the email.

This could be a FREE eBook or report that might make them more interested in the product that you are selling. Include in the free eBook or report a hyperlink to your product sales page just in case they decide to go ahead and buy your product after reading the FREE eBook or report. You always want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to read, review and purchase your product.

Tip #3.

Then in the same email broadcast, use signatures to automatically promote your affiliate links and product brand.

It all comes down to meeting the expectations of your customers. They will know what is coming to their inbox next. Who knows, your customer might already be sold on the next offer.

Think congruency.

Tip #4.

When advertising your product, always give the people that are reading your ad the opportunity to get on your mailing list.

In fact, you should be advertising your product for the purpose of capturing the prospect’s email address. You are going to make your sales and profits on the back-end. Avoid trying to sell your product from the ad itself.

To do this, you offer them FREE information, and MORE DETAILS about the product that you are promoting in your ad.Follow-up using your autoresponder with a message of your choice that includes the promised information. Also add these prospects to your newsletter mailing list.

Refer to the instructions at your autoresponder service on how to make the hyperlink to your autoresponder and how to organize your new email addresses.

Email marketing makes you more money when it is done right. Follow the tips above and cash in on your email marketing strategies with ease.

Now you have a way to get people to see your offers at a minimal cost. And you have built up a high level of trust and loyalty with your subscribers. Plus in the eyes of your customers, you always overdeliver. That’s a triple winning combination for your marketing mix. And you did it all automatically!

In sum: email marketing is actually fairly simple when you apply the above 4 tips. So let me leave you with one last tip…

If you liked what you read on my blog today and want to see what I talk about in action,make sure you sign up to be a part of my newsletter.And leave comments. I look forward to talking to you.

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