Why Daily Blog is a Silly Strategy (And What to Do Instead)

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Daily Blog

You know what got real old, real quick?

Daily blog

People thought it was the second coming in the blog sphere.

Write a post every day then TRASH it all over every social sharing site on the internet with some auto-post tool.

For what purpose?

To get SYNDICATED by people who need free content to use at their site (btw, who ARE those idiots?)

That’ll get MAD back-links for SEO. Turn you up all over search and dominate the top positions.


What a dumb idea.

You see, I too struggled with this when I started my blog. After some experience, these are my thoughts

I would never recommend posting everyday to anyone who cares about traffic or plans to monetize his/her blog.

Here’s why:

I certainly did this when I started online.

But, I quickly ran out of steam and found myself struggling to find topics to write about.

  •  It doesn’t guarantee that it wil  give you more pageviews.
  • It can badly affect your reader base, the frequency of your posts should be such that your readers can digest.
  • It can damage your blog’s social proofposting too often will change your recent post quickly not giving enough time to your readers or subscribers to interact.
  • Trying to do daily blog is a sure recipe for quick burnout. Trying to post daily is the leading cause of most blogs being abandoned after just 3 months after launch.

I’m not saying that you can’t do it. I’m just saying that for the general run of bloggers, daily posting isn’t realistic — especially if part of your aim is to generate quality content. I mean, if you want entirely crap content and resort to techniques like automatic content syndication — then, yes, daily posting is entirely possible. But what’s the point of doing that?

The same crap’s been around for yonks with Article Directories like Ezinearticles, blah blah.

Ever try these “tricks”? Yes? Then you don’t need me to tell you what started out as a “Free Traffic” exercise soon becomes a tedious pain in the arse.

Worst part is, while the syndication is free, you end up spending on the auto-posting tool instead. All for a trickle of views here n there.

A much better way is this:

Somewhere on the internet we have buds who don’t use no tools.

…Doesn’t post to a gazillion article directories OR social media.

…And has no interest in any of the SEO tactics everyone else is so concerned with.

They only write THREE articles a month and sucks from one websites a TON of high quality traffic.

When I say “quality”, I mean people who actually spend money with them.



They guest blog on a couple of very busy websites that already attract the perfect audience they want to sell to…

And they write for their audience simple, yet useful content that makes them want to hear more from him.

Guess what? they don’t  want their stuff syndicated.


Because they want to be FEATURED at that other website so all the peeps there would see their article and come a-floodin’ over to theirs.

When content gets syndicated, it makes other websites with less traffic and lower quality content dilute the audience and kills any odds of getting featured at a high quality, high traffic website.

Here is more Daily Blog tips:

  1. Decide what your blog’s editorial window is to be. This means having some kind of understanding or identification with your target audience. Decide what kind of readers you want to write for.
  2. Develop and decide on a coverage timetable for the whole year. You have to have a whole year’s posting plan for your blog to work well.
  3. You need to make time to advertise your postsIf you don’t put in the work to get your work out there, i.e. social media, forums, and online groups, no one will ever read your content. This may sound like a chore but I find social media marketing to be a great additional creative outlet. Social media also gives you the opportunity to build your community – something you will need to grow your blog
  4. You want to ensure that you are creating high quality content. 
  5.  If you create posts everyday, you’re likely to throw in a lot of filler. You don’t want that. Write on your niche and write it well.A great post on creating quality content:10 Rules I Follow To Create Successful Epic Content
  6. You need to make time to educate yourself on better blogging practices. No matter how long you’ve been blogging, you will will need to make sure that you’re constantly learning. New products and services are constantly being invented to make your job easier (most of them free). If you make time to make your blogging practices better, you will get every second back!
  7. You also need to have time to engage with your audience. As you engage with your readers, you’ll build your community.

The Bottom Line?

Blogging is not an easy feat, in fact blogging is hard and coming up with quality posts can take some time. The ideal goal for blogging is to keep it constant, refreshing it with updates on a regular basis- but that does not necessary mean you need to post 7 times a week. Depending on your goals and your type of blog, try sticking to 2–4 posts per week like I do. Of course, during special seasonal periods, you may prefer to post more frequently or vice versa.

I learnt that it’s not about posting every day! What really matters is to post content that is of high quality, original, engaging, SEO friendly, error free, shareable and interesting. Focus 20 % on the content and 80 % on the distribution/promotion of your content. This will allow you to attract lots of readers. Furthermore, CONSISTENCY is key in the process, too. Blog on a regular basis so that your content is always fresh and interesting. But as I said focus first on the quality of what you blog about, then on the quantity.

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