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Which Of These 6 Best Crowdfunding Websites Have You Overlooked?

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crowdfunding websitesIf you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you’re probably always on the lookout for good information and resources that can help you to raise money for your projects.There are numerous sites that offer crowdfunding options. These platforms are safe for those that wish to donate money to do so. It is really a personal choice about what you would like to use.

With that in mind, you may need to spend some time looking around.Explore the different websites and find those that you can easily work with.You may decide you want to use different sites for different types of projects. There are more and more crowdfunding websites added all the time due to the increased interest in the possibilities. The general foundation for them is all the same. However, you may find you like a unique layout or a particular option on certain sites.Each of them allows you to create a project. There are step by step instructions so you don’t have to worry that you don’t have previous experience with it. There is a walk through that allows for a short video to be made, an introduction statement, images, and even information about rewards.

Here are some that you can look into and get a good idea of what they offer:

If your cause has to do with a worldwide issue, then Crowdrise may be the place to get that campaign in motion. They have a variety of causes that they will approve. The most common ones include:

  • Arts
  • Animal Protection
  • Culture
  • Disease Prevention and Cures
  •  Education
  •  Emergency Resources
  • Religion

They are also one of the big platforms where people raise money for personal causes. The most common ones that fall into this category include:

  • Birthdays
  • College Tuition
  • Fertility Treatments
  • Funerals

The fee structure of Crowdrise is more complex than with the other platforms. First, there is a flat fee that is charged of 4.95% of all donor funds. There are also monthly flat fees that have to be looked at. They depend on the type of organization. Some of them are free for non-profits but others can be up to $199 per month.

One of the simplest sites to use is GoFundMe. It can also be used for personal campaigns in addition to those for business. It can be a bold move to ask people to pay for your medical bills or your pet to havesurgery. Yet people do it all the time. This is more of a donation site than anything else.It is one of the good sites in terms of how social media is integrated for crowdfunding. You can use several different donation pages as well. This can help if you want to try slightly different campaign approaches and test which of them gets you the best results in terms of donations. GoFundMe takes 5% of the donations that you receive. It integrates with
both WePay and Paypal. There are fees from those companies too that you will have to take into consideration.


If you are looking for an independent type of set up that you can really personalize, consider Indiegogo. You can easily use it for any type of crowdfunding campaign without difficulty. This is also a great one to use if you have rewards due to the built in feature where they can be displayed. Indiegogo is only integrated with Paypal so that is where the money has to go through. They charge 4% of the funds that are raised and then Paypal has their fees as well. Indiegogo also charges a $25 fee if the campaign isn’t based in the USA. If there are credit cards used by donors, they also charge 3% of that. So the downside is the fees can really eat up a chunk of
the donations.

The most common of all the crowdfunding sources people use is Kickstarter. They have helped people to raise more than $220 million!There are people with money to give away that actually visit this site often. They are simply looking for justified causes that they will donate their funds to. This site has more rules about the types of projects that can be set up. They don’t allow anything personal so you can’t fund your vacation or moving across the country here. They don’t allow scholarship collections either. Make sure you read through all the terms before you set anything up with this site. Everything will be carefully reviewed before it is approved.

The fees through Kickstarter are 5%. They are integrated through Amazon who will charge 3% for all credit cards. You must be a USA resident and provide a valid social security number for payment to be released.

Another popular site that has helped generate tons of money for various campaigns is Razoo. Their main type of project though are those that are for a cause rather than raising money for personal use or a business to benefit from. They have four categories that a campaign can fall under.
They are:

  • Corporations
  •  Individuals
  •  Foundations
  • Non-Profit

Razoo also has a smartphone app that can help you to reach more donors than just the typical online media marketing efforts. This is very high tech and it can make a huge difference in the amount of money that is generated for the cause.Another reason why people enjoy Razoo for their crowdfunding is the low fees. They only charge 2.9%, even when credit cards are being used by
donors. This is significantly lower than what other sites charge.

There is a three step process involved with setting up a crowdfunding campaign at RocketHub. The progress is also simple to track with the tools and that is part of why people launch from this particular website above the others. It is highly recommended for someone creating their very firs tcampaign. You do have to be very diligent in the amount that you ask for with a campaign through RocketHub. If you reach that goal, they will charge you 4% of the donations. If you don’t, they will keep 8%! They also charge 4%
of the credit card donations, which is about 1% more than the average.

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