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Caffeine Disrupts Sleep for “Morning People” But Not “Night Entrepreneurs”

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caffeine for entrepreneursDid you see the news? “Morning people” experience more sleep problems from caffeine than the so-called “night owls.” Here’s the story:

Since you’re a bodybuilder, you probably already use caffeine in some of your stacks. Not only does it give you a nice boost to help you eke out those last few reps on a set, but it also has some thermogenic properties.
However, bodybuilders also need their sleep.
Your muscles grow while you rest, not while you’re working out. And so if you’re tossing and turning all night, you’re robbing your body of the rest it needs to repair itself.
Bottom line: If you’re a night owl, feel free to continue to enjoy those cups of coffee or even adding the caffeine pill to your supplement stack.

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