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How to Craft a Compelling About Us Page For Your Blog/Website

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In this 7-Step Process I am going to share how I created a “Magnetic” About Us Page for this blog.

In short here are the steps;

1. Wow ’em with pictures
2. Attention Grabbing Headline
3. Your Background
4. “The Problem”
5. Your Solution
6. Call to Action
7. Take Away

STEP 1: Pictures
Gather 5-10 pictures of you having fun – with your family, on vacation, at
conferences, etc. then organised them in a gallery form.For this I used an
app on my phone called cymera.

STEP 2: The Headline

OK, here were going to talk about grabbing attention. You need something
that creates curiosity, and leaves them hanging….
For example my headline is a simple “My story” .People like stories a lot, someone will say wait let me read his story etc
Think about the way CNN and other news outlets does it…

STEP 3: Your Background
This is where it gets a little tricky… you want to give enough info so that
people can identify with you… but not SO much info that you bore them to
death.You are NOT trying to appeal to the world. Think TARGET market! Someone shooting an arrow only makes a bulls-eye when they are shooting for a TARGET! The whole world is NOT your target (at least not on THIS page)

STEP 4: The Problem
Here is where you are going to lay-out the reason you started looking for
an online business or an income opportunity. BE CAREFUL HERE… don‟t say “negative” things about yourself UNLESS you show that you have turned those around.

STEP 5: The Solution
OK… this is where you let them know that YOU have the answer‟s THEY are looking for!

STEP 6: The Call to Action
SO many people blow it here. Be sure that you tell them to visit your
capture page. Don‟t just have a link – actually TELL them to click on the

STEP 7: The “Take Away”
This is where YOU identify what YOU are looking for. Believe it or not…
this makes people WANT to work with you.

And finally show them a way to connect with you on facebook, twitter or
anywhere you want to take them.

This is the same process I have used to create my story page.Click here check it out.

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